Who we are


President: Tristan Davies


Tristan is a recent graduate of Photography Studies College, Southbank, and currently lives and works in Melbourne as a photographer and visual artist. He has worked with MHA for the past two years putting his photography skills to work recording the architecture and interiors of Melbourne’s CBD.

Vice President: Rohan Storey

Rohan Storey headshot 1

Rohan is an experienced heritage consultant based in Melbourne. He worked for the National Trust for many years. He has always been passionate about the buildings in the Melbourne CBD. Rohan is the author of the National Trust’s publication ‘Walking Melbourne: A guide to the architectural and historic landmarks of the Central City’.

Secretary: Katrina Grant


Katrina has a PhD in Art History from the University of Melbourne. Katrina has taught courses on Baroque Art and Architecture, garden history and Art and Travel.

Treasurer: Paul Beekman

Paul Beekman is the Head of Humanities at The University High School, Parkville, teaching History and Philosophy. In 2007, he was the William Buckland Teaching Fellow at the State Library of Victoria, helping to develop heritage focused educational programs for school students. In 2012, he was awarded the Hugh Rogers Fellowship by the Melbourne-Boston Sister Cities Association, undertaking independent research in ‘New Civics’ and the pedagogical value of heritage spaces in cities, in collaboration with the Civic and Moral Education Initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Paul has recently participated as a speaker and panellist in heritage forums at Melbourne University, the National Trust of Victoria and as a presenter at the Museum of the City of New York. Paul is a long time inner city resident of Melbourne with a passion for developing greater community understanding of the value of Melbourne’s built heritage and natural environments.

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