Unprotected Interiors

As a recent Age article highlighted, Many of our grandest interiors, such as the main theatres, churches, government buildings such as GPO and Town Hall and a few commerical ones such as Manchester Unity and Royal Arcade are protected by the Victorian Heritage Register, but a number of important interiors in the CBD have fallen through the cracks, not belonging to buildings significant enough for the VHR (see our ‘About Planning and Heritage’ section for more on this), but unprotected by outdated local controls. These interiors are all vital to the heritage and character of our city, and should be protected by the City of Melbourne, who have fallen behind other councils by not listing a single heritage interior and only focusing on street facades, despite having the power to protect ‘outstanding’ examples.

Check out our top 15 unprotected interiors here, and below a photo gallery featuring the best of the best we’ve uncovered in our comprehensive search of the CBD. If you know of any great interiors we might not know about behind locked doors, let us know.



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