Melbourne Heritage Action provides a forum for people dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the ongoing use of significant heritage places such as buildings, streetscapes, laneways and interiors in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

  • We advocate for the preservation of heritage places within central Melbourne.
  • We lobby all levels of government and developers to make decisions that value and enhance our built heritage.
  • We promote a greater awareness within the wider community of central Melbourne’s substantial and important endowment of built heritage.
  • We aim to build a strong public support base.
  • We advocate for the protection of built heritage from all periods, which is threatened by inappropriate development or demolition or neglect.
  • We promote greater respect for heritage within the government, business and development community.
  • We encourage developers, owners, architects, academics and businesses to explore ideas of adaptive reuse and heritage preservation.
  • We advocate for improved legislation for the protection of Melbourne’s heritage.

One thought on “Manifesto

  1. Hi, Having attended the talk while in Melbourne about the Palace Theatre I am keen to follow up and assist in forming an interiors action group that can add some practice and academic clout to the discussions.
    Please contact me by email to follow up if you think this strategy has merit. I am resident in Sydney but undertaking further study at Melbourne University.
    Kind regards,
    Architect and Interior Designer
    Ex-officio Councillor NTQ


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