Heritage Protection in Melbourne – History, Present, Future

This slideshow gives an overview of heritage protection in Melbourne past, present and what MHA would like to see in the future.

The slideshow was put together as a presentation for the Urban Heritage Conference held at the University of Melbourne in October 2014. MHA thanks Gerard Vaughan and the Australian Institute of Art History for the opportunity to talk about heritage protection in Melbourne’s CBD.

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2 thoughts on “Heritage Protection in Melbourne – History, Present, Future

  1. I cannot believe the destruction that is happening to this beautiful city! Every other city in the world retains its historical buildings and we, hand in glove with the Chinese, who do not care about our history or heritage in any way whatsoever, are taking over and completely destroying everything we hold dear and precious! It is absolutely appalling that one monstrosity after another is raising its ugly head and blotting out the sun on our fair city! Why doesn’t someone do something to stop this madness!!??


  2. We need stricter laws on our buildings and houses,
    I my self live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and when I walk my area I dont see homes I see houses empty houses with no charm or character,
    These inner city suburbs are like walking back in time and its beautiful to see how life was like 100 years ago,
    Walking down a thornbury street and seeing what ever is left of there Edwardian houses there stunning, seeing the California bungalow in preston is like seeing lfe in the 30’s these need to be saved these are what made Melbourne, we should embrace these homes from 1870-1942 thats when melbourne formed into its own and we are destroying that,
    I see no character these days just boxes,
    We have destroyed these inner suburbs enough we need to stop it and protect what little we have left,
    There are hardly any streets in melbourne that are fully complete with Victorian architecture homes,
    we need to protect not just Victorian homes but anything before ww2, we are not as old as sydney so we dont have as many victorian style homes so we should be protecting a wider range of styles,
    Melbourne was once a pretty city now I cant stand looking down the streets of inner city suburbs its too depressing by what we have done.


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