Some of our campaigns include:


Windsor Hotel  Massive alterations to the iconic have been subject to debate, permits and appeals since before MHA was formed in 2010. It was at the beginning of that year that a permit was granted in controversial circumstances to replace the rear wing with a new ‘curtain wall’ tower addition.  A second permit to gut most of what would be left for new hotel room arrangements was granted in 2013 (details here ).  A number of permit extensions have been granted, but as of August 2017 work has still not commenced.

Celtic Club in Lonsdale St.
Celtic Club in Lonsdale St.

Façadism. This is an ongoing issue of great concern. Numerous central city buildings are proposed to be or have been subject to this unfortunate heritage compromise including the Celtic ClubRoyal Saxon Hotel and the Lt Lonsdale St VD Clinic

Total Carpark from Russell Street, with Total house office above
Total House from Russell Street.

 Total Car Park and Office Building  When a developer bought this this important and early example of Brutalism in 2012, MHA successfully nominated it to Heritage Victoria. We then went on to win the developer’s appeal in 2014, with the help of the National Trust, giving it the fullest protection possible. Since then, the relatively low height limits on the site have been made mandatory, so its future should be assured, despite the  developer still hanging onto the site.

Sir Charles Hotham Hotel. Photo by Adam Dimech
Sir Charles Hotham Hotel. Photo by Adam Dimech

‘The 99 buildings’.  An early issue MHA was the heritage amendment known as C186 first proposed in 2011. After hearings in 2012, the Minister for Planning  finally recommended 87 new buildings for heritage protection in 2013, but put the 10 post WWII buildings aside ‘for further study’. In 2016 the new Minister for PLanning finally gave them interim protection, and they will be reconsidered as part of the upcoming Hoddle Grid Heritage Review.

One thought on “Campaigns

  1. If we do not preserve the interiors as well as the exteriors we will only retain one aspect of multilayered styles.
    If we do not properly protect our built heritage both interior and exterior we will be architecturally impoverished. Once gone…
    After the Second World War, many European cities rebuilt their arcitectural treasures – we are too busy demolishing them to line developer pockets to even take note of what we are losing.


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