Guildford Lane, Hardware Lane protection proposed – have your say !


Update 14/05/2018 : Following MHA’s submission last year, the consultants, Lovell Chen, accepted some of our suggestions,  adding three properties on Little Bourke Street in the middle on the south side, and upgrading a 19thC hall (that turns out to be 1857!) on Elizabeth Street from Contributory to Significant. The proposed Amendment is to be considered by the Future Melbourne Committee on 14th May for authorisation to go to an independent Panel .

Update 23/11/2017 : MHA’s submission can be found here.

The Guilford Lane / Hardware Lane Elizabeth Street precinct Amendment is out for comment, and the more positive support the better – but you’ve only got until 5pm November 23rd to support it !

Amendment C271 would see heritage protection for the wonderful red brick Guildford Lane, all the small industrial and laneway buildings in the Hardware Street / Little Collins Street area, as well as a strip of buildings along the west side of Elizabeth Street, and some other individual buildings in the area.
All you have to do is fill in the form at the bottom of this page (follow this link), and say you support the Amendment, with words like :
“I fully support the heritage listings proposed in this Amendment. They would afford protection to one of the most characteristic places of Melbourne, the tight laneways and small scale industrial buildings of the Little Collins / Hardware Lane area and the wonderful red-brick industrial streetscape of Guilford Lane, as well a range of other important buildings. The protection of these places is long overdue.”

The Amendment is the successful result of a long campaign behind the scenes by Melbourne Heritage Action; it’s the most important and obvious of a number of precincts we have proposed to the City of Melbourne. We sent in this one in 2014, and we were very pleased  Council followed up, with the heritage study released earlier this year. The areas proposed for protection was almost exactly as we had proposed, with the added bonus of a precinct along the west side of Elizabeth Street as well, and a scattering of individual buildings within the study area. Altogether they will protect numerous small-scale pre WW2 buildings and especially whole laneways and the usually red brick industrial buildings along them that are such an essential part of the heritage and character of Melbourne.

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One thought on “Guildford Lane, Hardware Lane protection proposed – have your say !

  1. Who would have thought that Melbourne’s laneways would become the attraction they now are. They are an exciting part of our city and give residents and visitors something to admire and enjoy,


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