Objection | Dalston’s Bakery, West Melbourne

Dalston’s Bakery was built in 1906, and consists of a corner shop and residence above, with the large bakery to the rear, where evidence of the ovens remains inside. This proposal retains the building intact, but involves a 22 storey tower wrapping around and even leaning out over the heritage building in a very dominating manner. Melbourne Heritage Action believes that the proposal should be redesigned to be more sympathetic. We are concerned that this is yet another example of building into the air-space above a heritage building, something that should only be allowed if it doesnt dominate the building.

If you have similar concerns, please send in an objection, which includes your name and address, to planning@melbourne.vic.gov.au.

read our objection HERE mha-objection-dalstons-bakery

The significance of the Dalston Bakery has recently been reviewed as part of the West Melbourne Heritage review, and is to be upgraded from C to B. It includes a simple but prominent Edwardian corner house and shop, but more importantly the bakery itself in a gable roofed structure behind. This part of the building includes the chimneys of the ovens, and the wall below includes the openings where the ovens themselves were located, on display in the current dining room of the boutique hotel that currently occupies the building. We hope these internal features will be retained in the redevelopment. We note that the statement of significance indicates that the bakery was extended in the 1920s into the building constructed along Spencer Street that also still exist, but are not covered by the heritage overlay. It must have been a big operation indeed…

The proposed development.
Dalston’s Bakery now.
Evidence of the original ovens inside.
The Batman Street interface – a large pointed brick volume leaning out over the bakery and the chimneys. 

One thought on “Objection | Dalston’s Bakery, West Melbourne

  1. Absolutely Not! I am sending my objection.
    Another example of history being engulfed by Concrete Blocks. Look at the top end of Elizabeth Street and Flemington Roads.


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