Help Needed | Save 50 La Trobe St

We need your help, please take action to help us save 50 La Trobe Street.

Burton’s Livery/Coach Builders at 50 Latrobe St is proposed for demolition. This is despite the building being C graded, an despite it being recommended for listing in 2011 (it was considered as part of a small group of building in February 2012 but rejected see here (pdf)). MHA has made repeated requests since 2011 that the building be considered for heritage listing but this has been ignored.


The decision on whether or not to grant permission to demolish this building is now being left to Council Officers, who can’t consider heritage because it isn’t officially heritage listed. A sort of planning Catch 22.

However, the more formal objections that are received about this building the more likely it is that Council will consider saving this building.

Literally EVERY objection sent in counts and YOUR objection might be the one that gets this building past this hurdle – so please email the planners and Councillors to act now before its too late!

We’ve added a ‘suggested text’ below, but it’s MUCH BETTER if you’re able to write your own – it appears less ‘rent-a-crowd’.

Let us know if you do send an objection (tell us on facebook, twitter, or email) and you shall be publicly anointed as heritage angels!

Send to :,,,,,,,

Dear Councillors and Planning section,

Re: TP-2016-320, 50 Latrobe Street, demolition and construction of apartment tower.

I would like to register my objection to this proposal. It involves the demolition of Burton’s Livery, an important part of our late 19th century industrial heritage, with an very attractive intact Italianate facade. It has long been graded C, and was recommended for protection in 2011, but Council has failed to move to protect it since then. A new development on this large site that retains at least the front portion of the building is perfectly possible, despite the proposal to insert a ‘lane’. We have lost too much of our Victorian heritage to lose any more.

You can find more information about the this issue and the buildings already lost in this area on our website, including:

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