Apartment Towers Threaten Melbourne’s Unprotected Heritage

MHA has identified no fewer than EIGHT currently unprotected but graded heritage sites in the CBD/Southbank which are now either directly threatened by apartment developments or have recently been sold as development sites.

Melbourne City Council has commenced a review process for the CBD and Southbank to examine the large number of recognised heritage sites under its jurisdiction which do not currently have formal protection in law. Unfortunately this review is not scheduled to commence in this Council term, hence MHA calls on Council to act immediately to apply interim heritage protection to the following eight threatened sites.

We’ve included details on how and where you can object to each development in the relevant section.


  1. Former Burton’s Livery/Carriage Workshop, 50 Latrobe Street 

    MnPoOmoTXxpzQwS-800x450-noPadCouncil has previously declined to list this building, against the advice of its own officers. This led to the demolition of the Workshop’s twin building dating to 1890 at 40 La Trobe Street in 2014. An important piece of Melbourne’s Victorian-era industrial history with a unique decorative Italianate facade, the ground floor dates back to 1868. The proposed apartment development is now with the Planning Minister, Richard Wynne. Objections can be sent to richard.wynne@parliament.vic.gov.au

  2. Duke of Kent Hotel, 293 Latrobe Street 

    Duke of KentThe unusual neo-Egyptian styled 1920s pub is significant for its association with Melbourne’s radical left New Theatre, it is slated for complete demolition under an apartment development. This proposal is also with the Planning Minister, Richard Wynne. Objections can be sent to richard.wynne@parliament.vic.gov.au

  3. Warehouse, 488 Latrobe Street 

    UntitledProposal for the complete demolition of the 1905 Edwardian warehouse for an apartment tower, where the tower would appear easily capable of incorporating at least the warehouse facade. This proposal is currently before Council planning officers.
    CLICK HERE to download the objection form.

  4. former Currie & Richards Warehouse, 224 Franklin St 

    229 FranklinBEFOREAFTERMHA have long suspected cladding obscured an original facade at this site, and lo and behold, recent works on the property have revealed precisely this – an  original c1905 warehouse, formerly one of many sites Currie and Richards Ironmongers occupied across the city. The revealed building is completely unprotected and an application is currently before council to fully demolish the building.
    CLICK HERE to download the objection form.

  5. Great Western Hotel, 204 King Street

    6556336831_3955f521d6_zThe Great Western Hotel dates to 1862, and as such is one of Melbourne’s few standing Victorian era pubs still being used for its original purpose. While it’s been significantly modified down the years, it’s a well-presented example of this important historical form. This recognised, yet unprotected building has recently been sold as a development site though no proposal yet exists.


    1. Victorian Warehouse (Photography Studies College), 63 City Road 

      ComboThis warehouse is one of only three late Victorian warehouses that were given decorated facades which remain substantially intact in the former industrial area of South Melbourne, the others being at 272 & 75 City Road.
      This building is proposed for complete demolition for another apartment tower. It is a B graded heritage structure but also unprotected.
      CLICK HERE to download the objection form.

    2. Art Deco Opera Australia Rehearsal Building, 33 City Road 

      33 City Rd Opera Australia rehearsal space SouthbankMHA is yet to obtain detailed information about this proposal, but a hotel tower is planned, and indications are the developer will seek full demolition.

    3. Edwardian Warehouse, Queensbridge Street 

      Castlemaine brewery sitePart of the former Castlemaine brewery complex. ALL the former brewery buildings as shown below are unprotected in spite of their obvious heritage values. No development proposal exists at present but the site has been packaged for sale to developers.

      Former Castlemaine Brewery complex – ALL unprotected


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