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MHA campaigns to fix ‘botched’ Southbank heritage

MHA has been attracting media attention in both the Herald-Sun and Southbank Local News for its campaign to fix up the errors that were made in the handover of the suburb to the City of Melbourne when the City of South Melbourne ceased to exist in 1993 (the remainder of the borough joined the new City of Port Phillip).
Read part of the Herald-Sun article here.
Read the Southbank Local news article here as pdf.

CastlemaineUnprotected – the A graded former Castlemaine Brewery buildings, Queensbridge Street.

As Southbank Local News tells it;

MHA president Tristan Davies said the issue was the result of an administrative oversight, which stemmed back to 1993 when the area first came under control of the City of Melbourne.

“A significant number of recognised heritage buildings in the Southbank area never had a formal heritage overlay applied to them through the handover,” Mr Davies said. “This has happened largely because huge mistakes were made when control of the area was handed over from the City of South Melbourne to Melbourne City Council in 1993.”

Prominent among these are the former Castlemaine Brewery buildings on Queensbridge St and the Romanesque warehouses and inter-war offices at 63- 69 City Rd, which are now home to the Photography Studies College.”

65-69_City_Rd SouthbankUnprotected – the B-graded buildings at 65-69 City Rd

The City of Melbourne have responded that the Southbank area is next scheduled for review in 2016/2017. This will categorically be too late to save many of these buildings which are threatened by development proposals RIGHT NOW.

In recent days we have learned of yet another development proposal threatening the Opera Australia rehearsal rooms, which are recognised as a C-graded heritage structure and one of the few remaining links to Southbank’s small-scale industrial heritage.

33 City Rd Opera Australia rehearsal space SouthbankUnprotected – 33 City Rd Opera Australia rehearsal space

MHA urges everyone to contact Melbourne City Councillors, requesting the urgent applications of interim heritage overlays on these buildings before it is too late to save Southbank’s soul.

Email and phone contacts for Councillors can be accessed via the following link:
Melbourne City Council Contacts.

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