Protection for the Bourke Hill Heritage

MHA is delighted that the minister has approved stronger protection for the Bourke Hill Heritage Precinct. Amendement C240 introduces height and other design controls as well as revised heritage controls in the Bourke Hill area of the CBD.

The media release states that:

Melbourne’s Bourke Hill, which takes in some of the city’s most historic buildings, unique streetscapes and vibrant laneways has been permanently protected by the Victorian Government.

The Minister for Planning Richard Wynne has approved a mixture of height and setback controls as well as revisiting heritage rules to ensure the future protection of the precinct’s low-scale built form, heritage significance, view lines and high level of pedestrian amenity.

Mr Wynne said the amendment would give certainty to the community about the form of future developments in the precinct and protect some of Melbourne’s most iconic structures.

Bourke Hill contains a raft of landmark heritage buildings, including the Windsor Hotel, Princess Theatre and Parliament House. Its unique mixture of Victorian, Edwardian and inter-war architecture have all contributed to its character and appeal.

The approved heights will permanently replaces the interim controls which currently apply to the precinct.

The height controls underpin the minister’s decision to refuse an application to extend a permit for refurbishment of the Hotel Windsor until September 3, 2018.

View of Sapphire House in Crossley St
View of Sapphire House in Crossley St

MHA, along with the National Trust, made submissions to the review.

You can read the full report here Bourke Hill Panel report 4 May 2015 but below are some excerpts:

With regard to the ‘Bourke Hill Precinct Heritage Review’, 2014:
Amend Table 0.1 on page 9 ‘Current and recommended building gradings’ and amend Map 4 on page 47 with the following changes:
20 – 30 Bourke Street (Former Palace Theatre) – change to Contributory
31 – 33 Bourke Street (Former State Savings Bank) – change to Contributory
76 Bourke Street (Restaurant) – change to Not Contributory
11 – 25 Crossley Street (Sapphire House) – change to Contributory
27 – 35 Little Bourke Street (former Chartley Cars/Angliss Motor Garage) – change to Contributory
22 Meyers Place (Vacant land) – change to Not Contributory.
In its future review of heritage policy and gradings, the City of Melbourne include the following places as contributory, subject to the giving of further notice to landowners and consideration of any submissions:

27 – 29 Crossley Street (Pair of Interwar Industrial buildings)
28 Crossley Street (Substation)
12 – 18 Meyers Place (Interwar building)
159 Spring Street (Shovelton & Storey).
In a future study of individual places, the City of Melbourne undertake assessments to ascertain the individual cultural heritage significance of the following properties:
11 – 25 Crossley Street (Sapphire House); and
76 Bourke Street (Restaurant).

Heritage Buildings in the Bourke Hill Precinct
Heritage Buildings in the Bourke Hill Precinct

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