MHA AGM report

On June 11th 2015 MHA held our AGM at Tasma Terrace.

The meeting began with a talk about Melbourne’s lost skyscrapers from MHA vice-president and architectural historian Rohan Storey.

This was followed by a talk about the various  campaigns that MHA have been involved in over the past year from MHA secretary Katrina Grant. She talked about heritage losses from the past year, which include the National Mutual building in Collins St. She outlined several heritage successes, which include better protection for CBD north, the revocation of the permit for the tower behind the Forum Theatre, and better protection for the Guildford Lane precinct. She also discussed several campaigns that are ongoing, such as the Palace Theatre, the Princess Mary Club

MHA President Tristan Davies then talked about our plans for the next year. He talked in particular about the need to protect the fine-grain heritage, as well as individual buildings. MHA will be continuing its campaign to afford stronger protection to places in laneways (and the laneways themselves) and for better protection and recognition of the value of heritage interiors.

MHA elected office bearers for the next twelve months. All previous office bearers were re-elected unopposed and we also added the new position of media liaison. Adam Ford has been acting in this role for the past year and will continue to do so.

Office bearers for 2015 to 2016 are as follows

MHA President – Tristan Davies

MHA Vice-President – Rohan Storey

MHA Secretary – Katrina Grant

MHA Treasurer – Paul Beekman

MHA Media Liaison – Adam Ford

The meeting concluded with questions and discussion from attendees. Many important issues were raised and some valuable ideas were contributed, MHA thanks all those who made the time to attend our AGM.

MHA would also like to thank the National Trust for providing the space as well as for their continuing support for the work we do.

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