UPDATE | Palace Theatre interiors salvaged from suburban recycling centre

Yesterday morning members of Melbourne Heritage Action, Save the Palace Theatre – Melbourne, the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and The Australian Music Museum Project converged at a recycling centre in suburban Melbourne. We had been tipped off that the plaster, tiles, doors and other parts of the interiors of the Palace ripped out in last week’s vandalism at the Palace Theatre were being stored.

After sorting through the 7000 kilogram pile of rubble we were able to find hundreds of Art Nouveau tiles, large pieces 1916 plasterwork – some still mostly intact,  timber doors, classical decorations, cornices and column heads.

As tragic as this all was to see, we were able to save as much as possible and place it into secure storage. We have been told that much of what we found will be very useful in any potential restoration project. Just as important important were the things we didn’t’t find, which may mean that there is still a significant amount of interior decoration still be intact inside the building.

Jinshan Investments reprehensible actions have not succeeded in destroying the bones of this 100-year-old theatre or, more importantly, it’s incredible cultural and social significance.

Council meets next week to decide upon heritage listing of the theatre, and we believe enough of it still survives for there to be a real chance of that succeeding. The fight to save the Palace is not over by a long shot.

Media Coverage

Fight to save the Palace Theatre lands in Clayton recycling plant http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/fight-to-save-the-palace-theatre-lands-in-clayton-recycling-plant-20141125-11tqsm.html


Parts of the interior salvaged  from a recycling plant
Parts of the interior salvaged from a recycling plant


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