Objection | Palace Theatre

Auditorium - Ceiling

Despite rejection at State level, the developers behind the proposal to destroy the Palace Theatre for a hotel tower have come back with another proposal, this time to the City of Melbourne. Despite a tokenistic reduction in height (still 3x the height limit), the new proposal still acts as a slap in the face to Melbourne’s heritage and its cultural vitality.

Click here to read MHA’s objection



One thought on “Objection | Palace Theatre

  1. I can not believe that MCC will let an old building like this to be pulled down and a new glass and concrete building be built in her place. Our heritage is being torn down. Our buildings are not old as those over seas, as their building are hundreds of years old. Here we have a building just 100 years old and MCC are letting it go. We need more buildings like this saved. In new buildings do you see that lovely architect of old style. No we do not. So I would love to see this building saved and live for ever in her grace and style.


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