Review of Bourke Hill Precinct by City of Melbourne

Bourke Hill
HO500 – Bourke Hill Precinct

Last week Cr Rohan Leppert moved a motion at the Future Melbourne Committee proposing a review of the Bourke Hill heritage precinct, looking at heritage and height controls, with a view to improving them. This is the first review of a heritage precinct in the CBD since the early 1980s ! (they are in the same boat as individual buildings were before C186). We are very pleased to report that his motion was passed unanimously ! A wonderful show of support for heritage by the City of Melbourne.

The only thing that would improve it was that if it could be done now, rather than next year.

Here are the actual words :

That the Future Melbourne Committee requests management to:
1. scope and cost a project which:
1.1 Reviews the statements of significance and heritage gradings of all buildings in the area bounded
by Spring Street, Lonsdale Street, Exhibition Street and Little Collins Street.
1.2 Reviews the boundary and statement of significance for the Bourke Hill Precinct (HO500) as well
as other built form controls which contribute to the protection of the precinct.
1.3 Consolidates this work into a draft planning scheme amendment to be put to the Future Melbourne
Committee in late 2014.
2. Ensure that the scoping work described above is completed well in time for Councillor

You can see the motion here.

The Age has covered the story here.

3 thoughts on “Review of Bourke Hill Precinct by City of Melbourne

  1. Why not restore the Victorian era verandas that were demolished the city council in the 1950s? Imagine the Victorian era buildings with their verandas restored (as was done in Clarendon Street, South Melbourne), cast iron poles and decoration. It would enhance the era as an historical precinct with an appeal to Melbournians and to tourists.


  2. I recall the elegant street lights that lined Collins street and Bourke street that were removed in the 1950s by the vandal council of the era. that also removed Melbourne unique street verandahs, You can still see some these ornate lamps in suburban gardens. Shouldn’t they be restored to this precinct ?


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