Palace Theatre Update

An update on the Palace Theatre.

The Save the Palace Group (see their facebook page here) is planning a rally to be held in the CBD on August 31st 2013. The venue has not yet been confirmed but you can follow the group’s page on facebook for updates. We will update this post with more details when we have them. MHA supports the Save the Palace group and will be part of this protest.

The application for demolition is now being advertised so anyone can formally object now. The more the better!

Note that objections should mainly be about the heritage controls. For example, that it is a heritage area where thirty-storey glass towers don’t belong and that it is a heritage building, even if only D grade and that the interior is not officially listed (but should be). See our post on the Palace Theatre for more historical information.

The City of Melbourne has a form you can use to structure your objection if you want to.

Completed forms or letters can be sent to

Planning Department
City of Melbourne
PO Box 1603
Melbourne Vic 3001

Every bit counts !

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