Objection | Royal Saxon Hotel (1858) to be facaded

MHA has objected the proposal to ‘façade’ the Royal Saxon Hotel at 441-447 Elizabeth St to make room for a 50-storey apartment tower.

Only the façade of the hotel, built in 1858 in the Gold Rush era, and 6m deep sections of its side walls, will be retained, and the remainder of the structure – all the rest of the 1850s brick and stone walls, timber floor and roof structure, would be demolished. The blank wall of the carpark would rise rising up directly behind the retained section, and the apartment tower is then cantilevered above that, completely dominating what would be left of the hotel, and indeed the whole low-rise, heritage streetscape of that side of Elizabeth Street.

Restoration of the ground level of the hotel does not appear to be part of the project despite good photographic evidence.

The altered Victorian shops next door will be demolished completely, creating a gap in the street. MHA has found a photo of what they looked like before alteration, so they could easily be restored.

Since this development is over 25,000sq m. the Minister is the planning authority, and so the project is not officially advertised, no objections by third parties are expected, there are no meetings to attend or reports to see, and no appeal to VCAT can be made.

If you want to have your voice heard, download our objection here Royal Saxon Objection (word document) and email to the Minister (matthew.guy@parliament.vic.gov.au) and the City of Melbourne planning@melbourne.vic.gov.au. Don’t forget to send us a copy too !

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