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Hotel Lindrum – more facadism, but done well.

  The Future Melbourne Committee of the City of Melbourne are soon to vote on a redevelopment of the Hotel Lindrum on Flinders Street. The proposal is yet another tower behind a … Continue reading

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Melbourne Heritage Action AGM 2016

The committee of Melbourne Heritage Action invites everyone interested in heritage to our AGM, to be held 24th August 2016. There will be a talk by current MHA President Tristan … Continue reading

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Objection | Yuncken Freeman Office, King Street

One of Melbourne’s best, but least known, heritage listed modernist gems, on King Street opposite the Flagstaff Gardens, is proposed to have a tower poking out the top – if … Continue reading

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Queen Victoria Market – Changes just keep coming

The famous and much-loved Queen Victoria Market is set for a major face-lift and major redevelopment of the surrounding area, though exactly what form this will take is still in … Continue reading

July 29, 2016 · 8 Comments

Call for Action| Office proposal completely dominates historic precinct

Melbourne Heritage Action needs your help! We have sent our objection to the new ISPT development planned for the corner of Lt Lonsdale and Spring St. Not only will the … Continue reading

July 1, 2016 · 2 Comments

West Melbourne Heritage set for Interim Protection

The City of Melbourne has granted interim protection to all places cited in its recently completed West Melbourne heritage review, newly granting protection to dozens of industrial and residential sites from the 1860s to the 1980s.

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Council Ignores Own Experts AND Constituents – Burton’s Livery to be Demolished

Melbourne City Councillors have variously sat on their own hands, ignored the advice of their own heritage experts, and ignored the pleas of their own constituents in allowing the demolition of the former Burton’s Livery

May 28, 2016 · 8 Comments

Reforming City of Melbourne Elections

There is clearly something amiss when at least dozen major planning applications do not get a hearing at a Melbourne City Council meeting because a majority of Councillors have received … Continue reading

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Minister Grants Temporary Protection to 9 Snubbed Buildings

Another high moment this week on the heritage roller-coaster that we can celebrate. Wheeeeeee!!! Finally some movement on the post-war buildings that Matthew Guy decided shouldn’t receive heritage protection as … Continue reading

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Scaffolding coming down from the restoration of 194 Flinders Street. Many assume being next to the Cathedral it's a church building, but was in fact built as offices for the Metropolitan Gas Company #melbourneheritage #restoration #neogothic #flinders Sadly the 1882 spinks tinsmiths and fruit preserving factory at 488 Latrobe street appears doomed, despite recommended for #heritageprotection. The #ministerforplanning hasn't signed off on interim protection yet, been sitting in his desk since June, so no official protection means the City of Melbourne can't say no to the 18 storey apartment proposal. Though they could try... Refurbished #awnings have recently appeared on two corners of Bourke Street mall. New #facias replacing beaten up old ones. Maybe not exactly like the originals, but a definite improve. Lets hope they remain free of stock on shop signs! One of the worlds smallest art galleries occupies Pawson House's heritage mailboxes 
#artdeco #glass #melbourneheritage #adaptivereuse

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Future Melbourne Committee meeting 17 May 2016, Agenda item 6.2: Planning Scheme Amendments C272 and C273 - West Melbourne Heritage Review (Part 1)

Future Melbourne Committee meeting 17 May 2016, Agenda item 6.2: Planning Scheme Amendments C272 and C273 - West Melbourne Heritage Review (Part 1)

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